Dineamite is the best way to plan and maximise your Disney Dining Plan

Available now for iPhone and iPad in the App Store

Simple timeslots packed with your details

Tailor each slot to what you want


Choose from a constantly updated list of plan accepting locations (and some that don't)

Flexible planning

When not everyone wants to dine, completely selectable

Set a 30 minute reminder

Instantly set a 30 reminder for your reservation so you don't miss your booking

Save your reservation number

Save your ADR reservation number by typing (or cut and paste) straight into the timeslot

View your remaining credits

Plan in advance

Credit usage

Easily accessible pie chart that shows your how many credits you have left based off what you have planned

Supports all four dining plans

Doesn't matter if you are on quick, regular, plus, or deluxe: we got you covered

Lets you know if you over spend

Pie chart goes red when you use all your credits

Snack, quick, and table service: we know the difference

Dinemites calculator knows what each location is and how many points it will cost. It even knows (and tells you) if the childrens plan is not accepted

Smart features, powerful search, easy access to online menus and reservation booking

There is even a tip calculator and dark mode support

Know your credits and power up your plan

Dineamite: Available March 2020 for iPhone and iPad at the Apple App Store

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